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Friday, April 12, 2013

Localizing apps becomes a bit easier

If you localize apps via the XAF's Localization Tool, you might face a need to skip certain captions, because they happened to be the same in your native language. For instance, the "Name" and "Navigation" are also "Name" and "Navigation" in German:-)

Althought it was already possible to do this by just copying the value manually into the column with translated values, starting with version 13.1 there is a better way of doing this. You can now just select required captions and update them at once via the new Mark As Translated command from the context menu:

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It is especially helpful when you have lots of such matches.

Thanks to our loyal customers from France (Julien) and Germany (Christian) who pointed us to this small improvement. Refer to the following Support Center tickets to learn more about their stories and real-life experiences:

Happy XAFing!

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