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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Recent XPO improvements to the visual designer and OData

Just a small update to to ensure that you have not missed the subject and added it to your development arsenal:

  • S171017 - ORM Data Model Wizard - Make it possible to apply custom attributes for association properties (coming in 13.1)
  • S170003 - ORM Data Model Wizard - Provide the capability to copy properties between persistent objects (coming in 12.2.8)
  • S170964 - XpoDataServiceV3 - Provide a virtual method to create a custom Session (coming in 12.2.8)

    How to leverage the latter functionality is described at Exposing Domain Components (DC) via OData for mobile apps
  • As you probably know, the next maintenance update (12.2.8) is on its way. Once it is officially out, do not forget to check out its change log that contains information about both fixed issues and implemented suggestions, as well as updates to our documentation.

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