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Friday, April 19, 2013

The capability to not mark a persistent object as modified for saving if only its non-persistent properties were changed

I am not sure if this will be helpful for many XPO customers, but there is definitely a number of scenarios where you may welcome the implemented behavior. Refer to the tickets below to learn more. - implemented in 13.1 where you can use the new XpoDefault.IsObjectModifiedOnNonPersistentPropertyChange and Session.IsObjectModifiedOnNonPersistentPropertyChange properties. - requested in the past by other customers.

Take special note that in the current version it is already possible to avoid change notifications for non-persistent properties by not using the

OnChanged or SetPropertyValue methods in setters of your non-persistent properties.


  1. Hello Dennis,

    I am curious: is there a way to find whether a current object is persistent or marked as nonpersistent. It kinda has something to do with the subject of the current post and I think it would be helpful for the Session class to have o method IsObjectPersistent(obj).

  2. Hello, you can already obtain this information from the class metadata (check the IsPersistent property of the XPClassInfo type).

  3. I was using reflection to determine the attributes of the class and so on... but is easier and faster the way you specified. Thank you